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“The decision to participate in the French Kiss Life Experience was an easy one and a hard one… kathiwith one part of me I knew I wanted to expand my life experiences.
And the other part of me, well, was hesitant to invest in myself! However, I took a huge risk, and my investment in myself was so worth it. I am overjoyed to report that the lessons I learned as a result of the French Kiss Life Experience will continue with me for years to come.
In Paris, Tonya organized some of the best, most memorable, and life altering moments of my entire year. Tonya is the ultimate coach and creative force – she provides the tools to look at your life in a new way and she is a master at creating safe, loving, yet challenging environments for groups to explore real life issues and receive coaching that will stretch you in new directions.
Tonya is a living example of the the brand she sells. She embodies the philosophies of life that she extols.
She is authentic she is perfectly imperfect and doesn’t care. She learns and grows and lets it show. She is real life, chic, beautiful, daring, fun, and stylish woman.
If you want to learn about yourself and have a great time doing it, then you should absolutely participate in Tonya’s French Kiss Life Experience.  It will definitely be worth it!”
— Kathi Randall  ~ Bon Vivant, French Kiss Life Experience, Class of 2012


“I knew that I wanted the future to be my very best years, so I joined Tonya’s French Kiss Life Experience.
What impacted me most in France was being surrounded by intelligent, capable women of so many different ages, talents, and backgrounds. I realized that we have so many thoughts and feelings in common and we all wanted nothing but the best for each other. The world, issues, possibilities, and limitations have changed dramatically in scale; there is a new perspective to everything.
Best of all, I have changed from my covert enemy to my own dearest friend – amazing what happens with that shift. Thanks to Tonya, I even find myself touching up my lipstick several times a day! Writing the check was a response to a gut feeling that this program was what I needed this year. No regrets!”
Connie Cottingham ~ Bon Vivant French Kiss Life Experience, Class of 2012


“Making the decision to work with Tonya and travel with her to Paris is the best decision I ever made. It has awakened something in me that can only be described as magical. I can’t say enough what a divine gift Tonya has been to me. Not only did it give me the chance to work with Tonya – a truly gifted coach and mentor – but it also introduced me to sisters I never knew I had.
My French Kiss Life Experience has truly transformed how I show up in the world, and how I show up for myself. And what better way to embark on this luxurious journey than with fabulous ladies who have your back, sipping champagne, while you enjoy all that Paris has to offer? Genius.”
Silvana Perelli ~ Bon Vivant French Kiss Life Experience, Class of 2014


“I’ve taken a lot of programs and worked with other Life Coaches, but I knew that Tonya was the one who would help me take my dream and help me and turn it into reality. I knew that she was a woman who actually walks her talk…. with style.
After spending a few days in person with Tonya, I made $20,000 immediately in my business, more than paying for my investment. Working with her has shifted my entire perspective.
But, that doesn’t even compare to all of the other things I’ve learned from her. She has taught me to show up in the world differently–to put on lipstick, get clear on what I need to do next, and then she lovingly pushes me in that direction time and time again. As a result, I’ve let go of the baggage that was weighing me down, added meaningful relationships to my life, taken “no” out of my vocabulary, and become a solution master.
Since diving into the French Kiss Life Experience, I’ve added travel, culture, and play to my everyday life. I’ve visited three continents, eight countries, and at least twenty states this year while working and making money. Tonya has shown me that fairy tales really do come true.”
Nicole Indelicato ~ Bon Vivant, French Kiss Life Experience, Class of 2011


“While in Paris with Tonya, the greatest gift I gained was that it gave me the opportunity to witness my everyday patterns; it was like they were magnified. It made me realize where and how I need to be true to myself. Being present in Tonya’s overall energy and charm allowed me to step into who I want to BE.
As the result of this experience, I am feeling more acceptance with myself, my desires, setting boundaries, enjoying everyday luxuries, and a general sense of feeling at ease with the timing of everything going on in my life and business.
I highly recommend the French Kiss Life Experience to any woman looking to transform their lives through play, ease and elegance.”
Annette Jones ~ Bon Vivant French Kiss Life Experience, 2014


I want to give you VIP notification as to when my next Luxury trip is announced 

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