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About the founder


Tonya Leigh, the founder of the French Kiss Life movement, is a Master Certified Life Coach trained by Dr. Martha Beck,  works with highly successful women from around the world who desire to balance ambition with ease to create a fulfilling and meaningful life.

With a chic travel society, dynamic programs, a continuously growing international following via her popular blog, Tonya is changing the way women think about what it truly means and what is required to live a luxurious life.  She has worked with Oprah and the IKEA Life Improvement Project and spoken to global audiences about entrepreneurship, lifestyle and other matters of the heart.

Tonya believes that there is no problem in life that you cannot learn to French Kiss, because that is how she has become the woman that she is today.   This French Kiss Life Movement was created as a result of her life experiences which she courageously shares with others.  She encourages all women who are interested in a find a new approach to come and see if this Life-style works for them.

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