Hey, Bon Vivant ….

You’re invited to…


 Join me!



Yes, French Kiss Life is coming to a city near you!

While I am deeply grateful for what technology allows us to do, it’s not how a true bon vivant thrives.

{Bon Vivant = one who knows how to live well }

We adore face to face interaction fueled by luxurious surroundings.

We want our creative flutes to be filled to the rim with possibility, beauty, and love.   

We deeply desire to transcend the ordinary and tap into something greater.  

You choose how you’d like to

French Kiss Life with Moi

…. In Person!

I’d like to think of this as a “Choose Your Own Adventure”….. because that’s what French Kiss Life is all about.

There are THREE WAYS that we can meet up.

So, choose one, or choose all!



Cocktails with Tonya

Are you ready to meet me in person, as well as the other Bon Vivants in your local community?

Close your laptop and turn off your smartphone. It’s time to put on your party dress and favorite lipstick and join me and the other Bon Vivants for cocktails in a secret location where we can exchange hugs, share stories and make new friends.





The Dinner Society 

How would you like to spend an evening with your appetite for life being filled to the rim?

The Dinner Society is for any woman who desires to live a luxurious life.  Whether you’re a CEO or a stay-at-home mom, all women with a desire to French Kiss Life are absolutely invited to my private dinner party.

This will be three hours of lively conversation, dreaming and scheming and connecting with fabulous women.  This will not be your typical dinner party.  We don’t do average!





The VIP Lady Date Experience 

Are you ready to go all the way?

The “Lady Date” isn’t just a day long affair; it’s a private coaching intensive, customized for you.

We will explore your desires, brainstorm ideas and uncover what’s holding you back…over tea in a luxurious setting. When we’re finished, you’ll have an inspired action plan and mindset shifts needed to bring your desires to life in true French Kiss Life-style!



Jessica Drummond.circle

“Don’t let having a good life stop you from meeting Tonya.
My life was great before I met her – but it is already better.
Working with Tonya has already (after just 2 months!) brought me so much awareness to the hidden ways that my habits are keeping me from being optimally happy and successful. I am already appreciating and filling my life with more art. I am already braver, stronger, and doing harder things, faster. I am already feeling happier and more peaceful in my daily life. I am already taking it less for granted.
Tonya is an inspiring ball of energy. She will inspire you to get “in the best shape of your life” – as a woman, a mom, a wife, a businesswoman, an athlete, and a friend. She is the bravest most present coach I have ever met – and I believe that is the key to her effectiveness. And, at the end of the day – she’s just really fun. It’s a pleasure to know her, and work with her.”
Jessica Drummond ~ Connecticut ~ Physical Therapist & founder of the Integrative Pelvic Health Institute

Stephanie Hymel. Circle

“Before working with Tonya, I was feeling stuck, overwhelmed and full of worry and fear. Years went by and nothing changed for me. I needed help.
I am astounded by the complete transformation I have made in the last few months. I am so happy that I reached out to her and began this journey.
The work was all internal, but it has shown up in my external life in ways I never knew possible. My biggest change is confidence in myself and my abilities. Instead of feeling stuck, my life is now full of ease. I have also lost weight effortlessly and transformed my feelings about taking care of my body into something that is easy and fun. I am rapidly becoming the woman I always wanted to be, and I am so excited about the wide open potential that lies in front of me. I now have true pleasure and exquisite experiences all the time and have come to treasure the simple beauty in everyday life.
Tonya’s willingness to be totally authentic and do and say what she wants, regardless if it is conventional in her industry, makes her so good at what she does. She focuses on supporting you to set you free and she does it all in a clear and effective manner that is a true pleasure to experience. I received the most eloquent support from her packed with valuable information that I will use for the rest of my life. Every conversation was packed with real substance and she has an innate ability to support you in a way that is elegant, understandable and easy to implement right now.
Investing in myself and working with Tonya, was positively the best money I have ever spent. The knowledge I have gained is absolutely priceless to me. I now have all the tools I need to go out into the world and live a beautiful life.”
Stephanie Hymel ~ New Orleans, Louisiana


“Some of the results of working with Tonya are: loss of weight, strength building, total body conditioning – overall? Building a better body and loving it! Self-confidence, self-motivation, fear of completion has been ousted by the euphoria of completion. Other results? Having taken up running after a 28 year lapse, I’ve now competed in two 5k events, and this year in June, I completed a Half Marathon in Seattle – I’m now contemplating Senior Games in Utah this fall where I’ll complete in my age group – 65-69. Wish me luck on clicking that entry button! (FEAR doesn’t go away, I’m just learning to recognize that it doesn’t usually speak the truth!)”
Diana Woolley ~ Washington D.C. ~ Artist


“Even though I was confident before, after working with Tonya, my sense of self-appreciation is stronger than ever. AND…while working with Tonya, I signed up the biggest “baddest” amazing corporate client ever – to do a full year of customized leadership training for 3 sales teams in 3 locations. And a colleague wants to translate some of my products into French for us to market together.
I think my increased joie de vivre pulled them to me because I did absolutely no selling at all– they came to me. It’s bodacious living in style.”
Laura Camacho ~ Charleston, South Carolina ~ Communication Strategist


“As the result of coaching one to one with Tonya, I now proudly tell people that I am an artist. That was my “one thing” that knew was holding me back, but I no longer fear this. Working directly with Tonya has given me permission to let go of many of my long-held fears and limiting beliefs with continuing positive results.
With Tonya’s personal counsel, I have discovered that I am free to explore what really delights me and discover who I really am. I have far more self confidence and belief in my skills and abilities; I see and feel my world and my place in it with so much more joy and ease. I have a more intimate understanding of my perspective on life.
With Tonya’s personal help and guidance, I have dramatically embarked on an irresistibly enriching life-long journey that I look forward to every day. I feel like I have been somehow preparing for working with Tonya my whole life. I had always been drawn to all things French and self-improvement, so when I found her blog I felt such an intense compulsion to join her world I was helpless against the tide of French Kiss(ing) Life!”
Meg Johansen ~ Melbourne, Australia ~ Nurse turned Artist

 Join me in 2017!




Tonya Leigh, the founder of the French Kiss Life movement, is a Master Certified Life Coach trained by Dr. Martha Beck,  works with highly successful women from around the world who desire to balance ambition with ease to create a fulfilling and meaningful life.

With a chic travel society, dynamic programs, a continuously growing international following via her popular blog, Tonya is changing the way women think about what it truly means and what is required to live a luxurious life.  She has worked with Oprah and the IKEA Life Improvement Project and spoken to global audiences about entrepreneurship, lifestyle and other matters of the heart.

Tonya believes that there is no problem in life that you cannot learn to French Kiss, because that is how she has become the woman that she is today. This French Kiss Life Movement was created as a result of her life experiences which she courageously shares with others.  She encourages all women who are interested in a find a new approach to come and see if this Life-style works for them.

Be a Bon Vivant & spread the Joie de Vivre!
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