Let’s Shake It Up
(…moving to a foreign country
or leaving your husband not required)

Do the same things day in and day out.
Follow the same schedule and routine.
Cross all your t’s.
Dot all your i’s.

I know it’s what a good girl “should” do.
But do this for long enough,
I have found that life becomes rather dull.

You lose your sparkle.
You become “one of those people” living a life of quiet desperation.
You become dissatisfied.

Of course, this isn’t what any human being wants.

…..So, why do we do it?

The reasons are endless — fear, comfort, security. And yet, our unwillingness to feel those kinds of emotions creates a much deeper pain, that one of regret.

Here’s what I do know, There are no guarantees in life.

Stay comfortable,
….and you could still end up losing it all.

Go for it,
……and you could tap into a world you never knew possible.

So, what if you shook your world up a bit?

You don’t have to leave your husband or move to a foreign country. It could be as simple as driving a new way to work, striking up a conversation with a stranger, wearing something sexy and feminine to work.

Those little acts could change everything.
They create the possibility for a chance meeting
A new opportunity or fresh perspective.

This is what living & creating a beautiful life is all about.

Like when I ended up in Monaco (which is a place that I *never* imagined I’d be visiting and working, yet there I was) and then I met Olivia there ( the quintessential French woman who rocked my world with her wisdom) ….all because I shook my world up a bit.

So I guess that this is a perfect time for me to let you know that we are about to shake things up a little here here at French Kiss Life Inc.

Right here, and right now. Practicing this “Shake it up” lifestyle before your very eyes.

Oui, Oui….

You in?

Let’s shake it up together! (tweet this)

Stay tuned….

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Yes,  I’m shaking it up by hosting my LIVE Soirees on Social Media’s hottest streaming video platform: Periscope! I can use my iphone camera and stream it live so I can be anywhere (and I mean…. anywhere!) when we go On the Air.

If you’re interested in connecting with me more intimately and regularly, that’s where I’ll be planting myself on a regular basis – some will be announced, others will be when I feel like it! So come follow me at @TonyaLeigh. I’d love to get to know you better!

Here’s how to find Tonya on PERISCOPE:

  1. Download the app “Periscope” to your smartphone.
  2. Open up the Periscope App and make a new user (or convert your Twitter Account)
  3. Search for @tonyaleigh 
  4. Click on her profile picture
  5. Select “FOLLOW” so you can be automatically notified about any #PeriSoiree that Tonya will hold…
  6. You can join Tonya at her various #PeriSoiree events from anywhere ( your phone/computer/tablet)
  7. if you have any Q’s, please reach out to the French Kiss Life Concierge Team support@tonyaleigh.com

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