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All over this website, you can find a bounty of tantalizing and salacious strategies for creating a beautiful life for yourself.  However, you’re here because I bet you’re the kind of woman who wants to dig even deeper .

I’d like like to ask you if you are….


Want to become the Radiant and most Powerful You?

Become a Modern Day Icon Immersion

When you look at truly successful women, you’ll discover that it has nothing to do with formulas, marketing skills, or degrees.

It’s much deeper.

And, learning how to cultivate this quality will impact everything:  Your body, relationships, business.

I mean *everything*.

What is it?


This is a profound course for ladies who want to go deep into stepping into their own personal iconic power, by cultivating and tapping deep down into your own style, femininity and passion.  It’s fun, inspiring and designed to inspire you to uncover your own iconic appeal.

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Desiring  to stop obsessing?

The Slim Chic & Savvy Immersion

French Kissing Life is what we are doing here.

And Slim, Chic & Savvy is how we do it — with purpose.

Tired of the emotional roller coaster?  Crave a pleasurable relationship with food?  Desire unstoppable confidence?  Ready to stop obsessing and start living fully?

A diet or a size 4 will never give you what you’re really after.

Nor will that Louis Vuitton purse with Chanel sunglasses and that drop dead gorgeous Hermès scarf.  (Don’t get me wrong, they absolutely  give some temporary relief, but they do not solve the problem.)

It’s a mindset that needs to be cultivated, and attitude and way of being in the world.

And that is our main focus over 10-weeks The Slim, Chic & Savvy Immersion, and it’s changing the lives of women from around the world.

In this program we focus on cultivating a calm inner world as well as a confident and stylish outer world, because we believe that you cannot find success by doing one without the other.

The Slim, Chic & Savvy Immersion is Tonya’s Signature Coaching Program;  she believes that this program is an essential foundation for all women who are seeking to create, improve upon, and go out and live the French Kiss Lifestyle.

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Ready to Experience this Life-style…in person?

The French Kiss Life Experience

Luxury Travel and cultivating Exquisite Experiences are Tonya’s passions.

At French Kiss Life, we believe that a woman can read all the books in the world and take all the courses, but to actually PRACTICE it in real life is the only was to ensure permanent change.

Tonya’s true gift as a Master Life Coach is to curate luxurious in-person experiences with like minded lovers of the French Kiss Life Movement.

Tonya’s Flagship French Kiss Life Experience offering is to work closely in person (!) with a very select group of women in her Le Voyage ~ Paris program.  This is not just a trip; it’s an experience.   If you are a huge fan of Tonya’s and are and a total Francophile, this is for you.  And it starts way before you step off the plane at Charles de Gaulle and continues after you’ve settled back into your home life.

And in 2017, we’ve curated new and exciting ways that you can connect with Tonya in person, too:  Ladies Weekend Getaways , Chic dinner parties, intimate Cocktail parties, live speaking engagements, and more!


This IS the French Kiss Life Experience.

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Let’s refill your Champagne glass with creative genius!

Join an exclusive and dynamic small group of women who are committed to creating lives they adore living.

If you desire to have laser focused attention from Tonya,  to eradicate your mindset blocks & create the most fabulous you, and to be connected with an exclusive group of high vibrational women then The Secret Society is the group for you.

The Secret Society is where sensual living meets personal development.  From curated conversations to passionate brainstorming to creative play, you’ll refill your Champagne glass with creative genius, connect with fellow visionary women, create action plans with joie de vivre, and learn to seduce yourself – and everyone around you.

The Secret Society is invite only, and is a hand-curated selection of women who have established a firm foundation in this Life-style.  Therefore, consideration to be admitted into The Secret Society is only available to Alumni of the The Slim, Chic & Savvy Immersion.

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However, if you’d like to learn more about The Secret Society , please email  The French Kiss Life Concierge Team  at support@tonyaleigh.com, and we’d be happy to assist you.

Be a Bon Vivant & spread the Joie de Vivre!
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