The 3 French Fry Method


Sitting at a quintessential Parisian cafe, my girlfriends and I ordered a typical French meal: steak and frites with a glass of Bordeaux.

I couldn’t help but notice the most elegant French woman, probably in her 70s, dressed to the nines, holding herself proudly while finishing up her meal.

She looked over at our table and saw a plate of french fries.

“Monsieur,” she called out getting the waiter’s attention.

“Je voudrais trois frites,” she asked.

Did she really order just 3 fries, I thought.

Minutes later, a plate was brought over with her request. Just 3 fries.

Over the course of fifteen minutes, she savored and enjoyed her food.

It made me think of all the times I wanted some fries and denied myself.

I reminisced on all the times I gave in and ate way more than my body needed.

I lived in a very black and white world, folks!


Between the extremes are three tasty, delicious french fries. <TWEET IT>

There are certain things in life that shouldn’t be moderated, such as passion, creativity and love.

However, when it comes to excess — food, shopping and exercise, to name a few — applying the “3 French Fry Method” has brought so much pleasure to my life.

We don’t have to deny ourselves. We can enjoy and savor life in ways that nourish and inspire us.

After she paid, I watched the best example of what it means to live Slim, Chic & Savvy walk out the door with such grace and poise.

And, I ate five fries.

Where do you need to apply the “3 French Fry Method” to your life? <TWEET IT>

I’m all ears. Share in the comments below.

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7 Responses to The 3 French Fry Method

  1. Food and spending are currently in progress; now it’s time to work on not being over-accommodating. I am learning to say no gracefully and also that “no” is a complete sentence. xo

  2. I have learned to love food again and enjoy it! I was so overly restrictive in what I ate and then would binge like crazy. As a recovering anorexic-bulimic, I have learned food is a pleasure as well as nourishment for the body and soul!! I am a total food snob, and I love my food and wine! I have indeed learned balance, and elegant satisfaction from Slim, Chic and Savvy!! Before working with you, Tonya, I was living on protein bars!! Big hugs on this post, cherie!!

  3. Great article Tonya! It’s so true how we always have a feast or famine mentality and it so doesn’t have to be that way! I read an article that the French believe overeating with food is like getting drunk on liquor. They believe in moderation in all things. Great words of wisdom we can all apply to our lives.

  4. I am learning to moderate my attendance at jazz concerts. Ha! I love jazz passionately, but going to jams more than once a week does not allow me to get all the sleep I need. I’m even thinking I should probably stretch it out to every two weeks and alternate with classical music concerts. Those tend to end at a more reasonable hour and involve fewer cocktails. 😉

  5. Bonjour from Norway !

    Thanks so much for this podcast Tonya 🙂

    I loooove all kinds of food and this weekend im baking for my boyfriend. Usually during the weekdays i eat a lot of healthy food and a lot of vegetables but i just love to indulge in wine, both french and german and baking and having long breakfasts… this is some of my ways to french kiss life :))) have a great weekend cherie !

  6. It’s a small thing – but I’m tellin’ ya – IT WORKS! When I go to a restaurant (which is not that often because that, too, is in moderation), I only eat half of what I order and either split the other half with the one I’m with, OR bring it home to eat at my next meal. Saves me not only calories BUT the stomach-ache that comes with eating too much (I HATE THAT!). I’ve also discovered those cute little JR. Frosty’s – they are PERFECT!!! JUST enough~! Kiss-kiss!!

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