The One Fun and Simple Shift that Will Improve Your Life (Pop Open the Champagne!)

I have one super simple shift that will improve your entire life.  Want to hear it?  Keep reading!

Paris Celebration

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”
― Oprah Winfrey

Being a lady requires that you celebrate who you are.  Take Audrey Hepburn for example.  She didn’t argue with her quirky features; she accentuated them.  And Marilyn Monroe didn’t try to hide her size 12 body; she flaunted it.

Do you need more self-help?  Or do you need to celebrate?  Personally, the latter has changed my life and the lives of my clients, because when you start celebrating, get ready, darling! The world honors the woman who celebrates herself.   Opportunities, people and experiences will want to join in on all your fun.

Yet, for many women, the thought of celebrating their lives brings up feelings of shame and/or vanity.  We’ve been trained that we must fix our problems and obtain goals before we can loosen up a bit.  Well, as I love to ask, how is ignoring your greatness and successes working for ya?

At the beginning of each client call, I asked for a celebration – something that she loves about herself, a grand or small accomplishment or anything to highlight the goodness of her life.

Last year, I asked a client to offer me  a celebration.  The line went silent.  Dead.  I sat there waiting (because I don’t let my clients back out of a request easily).

“Anything,” I said to her.

“Well . . . hhmmmm . . . I don’t know,”  she replied.

Keep in mind that this woman is an executive in a company, graduated from an Ivy League school and has two young sons.  Really?  Nothing to brag about.  C’mon darling!

She chimed in and said, “I’m really struggling in my life right now, so . . .”

I stopped her.  “What do you gain by focusing on your struggles?”

“Nothing except feeling stuck and broken,” she replied.

People have been conditioned to believe that they need to focus on a problem to change it.  That’s a lie! Knowing what you don’t want is a great place to start, but to dwell in that space is detrimental.

The solution?  Celebration will move you forward!

As I offered her, what if several times a day you focused on something that’s right in your life, something you love, anything to take the focus off of what you think is wrong.

Within months of that session, magical things began to happen in her life.  She began a daily practice of celebrating her life as it was in the moment.  At first, it seemed awkward and (to her) a little vain, but as she began to openly discuss her strengths and triumphs, she began to see herself as a very competent lady, and her confidence level sky rocketed.   She ate, dressed and felt better.  Furthermore, she saw what was already held in abundance.

Guess what happened next?  Well, she lost those pesky fifteen pounds that had refused to budge for over ten years.  She also received a huge bonus from her company.  Her relationship with her husband improved (better sex, unexpected gifts and a deeper connection…ooh la la!).  Even better, she began to laugh, play and enjoy life more.  Isn’t that what we all want?

What you focus on grows.

So, if you focus on your challenges and struggles, chances are they’ll grow in your life.  If you focus on the weight, lack of money, unfulfilled relationships or any negative situation, that will be your life experience.

However, the moment you shift your perspective to finding things you desire to be more prominent in your life, more shows up to celebrate.  Why?  Because your life is being created by where you place your attention. And, if you want to create something different, you must change your focus.

What do you want to see more of?  Celebrate how it already exists in your life!

Want love?  Celebrate those who already love you!

Want more money?  Celebrate the money you do have!  (In fact, why don’t you donate money to an amazing charity.)

Want a bigger business?  Celebrate what you’ve already created!

Want to lose weight?  Celebrate the body you have today!

So, let’s start this celebration party!  What’s something you want to celebrate in your life?



(P.S. The French Kiss Life Immersion program kicked off for the month of August, and within just one week, the women are experiencing the results of celebration.  Yes, it’s a powerful tool.  I’m opening up 3 spots for September.  If you’re ready to celebrate life while creating more to love, head over here and get your application in.  These spots will go fast!)

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19 Responses to The One Fun and Simple Shift that Will Improve Your Life (Pop Open the Champagne!)

  1. I find myself confused on what exactly you mean to celebrate. Ok, appreciate what we have, I can understand that. But what is the advice to actually do? Just tell ourselves what we’ve done? Or…tell other people? I’m just confused on *how* we’re supposed to celebrate our achievements.

    • Hi Kessa,

      I am sorry for your confusion. When I use the word “celebrate” it can be a multitude of things – your strengths, obstacles you’ve overcome, your exotic attributes or it can be something about life itself – the beautiful sunset, a great dinner, the blessing of friends, etc. You can share it with others or simply establish a daily or hourly celebration practice. You can also use celebration as a way to shift your mood instantly. It’s difficult to be both negative and celebratory at the same time. I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Such a great post…and very true! Once we begin to celebrate our lives the party just continues as MORE things arise to be celebrated! I have to say I am extremely disappointed (and maybe it is a glitch in your email system) but I have applied twice to the The French Kiss Life Immersion program and have never received a response. Maybe this is the way you do it, but??

    • Bonjour Sarah,

      Thanks for stopping by, and you are SO right: celebration is what life should be about and it brings so much more abundance our ways. I apologize for the situation with your application. I suspect it is a technical glitch, and I will have one of my team members contact you ASAP to resolve this issue. We respond to every application, so I am as disappointed as you that this has been your experience. Stay tuned….



      • Thanks Tonya! I figured it must have been a glitch as you seem pretty attentive to things! I will submit a new application. 🙂

  3. Today, I celebrate the beauty of a surprise meditation at the end of an exercise class and how I embraced the peace that came from it. I celebrate celebrating this beautiful early-taste-of-fall weather we are having in Kentucky. I am celebrating a quiet house as the sun goes down.

  4. Love this post Tonya! So simple, but something that I have so easily overlooked. I am going to start celebrating more. One thing I am celebrating is booking a paid speaking gig at a retreat next week! Woohoo 🙂

  5. Tonya-

    Love the post! Can’t wait for the book! But of course I am a huge fan after slim chic and saavy. I applied to the French Kiss got excellent response so I am not sure what happened with the other poster? I just found it out of my reach for right now.(see what I did there? Lol)

    Anyway hoping for more programs,coaching options etc!

    Much love,

    Kelly from Kansas

  6. Doing the Happy Dance! Just got new windows and white siding put on my sweet 130 year old Pennsylvania farmhouse, new cushions for my front porch wicker furniture, and am going home tonight to hang an American flag from the porch! Also celebrating my new way of clean eating and losing a few pounds! YAY!!!

  7. I read this post at the perfect time. I had just written in my journal about a miserable night for my business. I woke up at 6:00 am (absurdly early for this night owl) obsessing over the previous evening – what went wrong and how terrible I felt. My instincts would normally lead me to stew in my failures and then give up saying, “it’s not for me” and “I’m not good enough.” But I decided to MOVE FORWARD. I’m putting it behind me and focusing on all the good things I have going for me in my business (other success, passion, and support from loved ones.)

    So to answer your question, I’m celebrating my ability to move on!

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