Walk Away & Sashay

I’ve come to love the image of me walking away from things that don’t support me.

Just this week, I was informed that someone who’s never met me is not a fan. She has said some not-so-nice things about me behind my back.

My old self would have tried to prove her wrong, win her affection and convince her to like me.

Did I do that? Nope! No longer.

I am done trying to convince people to like me.

It’s exhausting and such a waste of energy.

What did I do instead?


Walking away from these types of situations always means I’m walking towards the people I don’t need to convince and towards more joy and more of what supports me.

Walking away is the highest form of love for myself and others.

I get to like me. And, I get to like the other person too, even if they don’t like me.

It’s all up to me.

Everyone gets to be who they are.

No convincing.
No begging.
No chasing.

I don’t have to engage in screaming or harsh words.

I don’t have to feel hurt or anger.

I simply turn towards what feels like love, and away from what doesn’t.

What do you need to walk away from?

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5 Responses to Walk Away & Sashay

  1. One of things you taught me is that if you are the most juicy, perfect peach, you are not going to appeal to someone who wants an apple. No matter hard a peach tries, it is never going be an apple. It helped me stop pretending to be an “apple” and find the people who love “peaches.”

  2. This is one of my favorite blog posts!!! I so needed to hear this….There is a “friend” that I have literally been chasing around to get her to like me…Not only doesn’t the relationship change for more than that encounter, but I feel terrible about myself…like what’s wrong with me…so I’m taking your advice and just going to walk. away.
    God Bless you!

    • I am the same. I walk away, without trying to resolve anything. I am not wasting my time or energy in useless discussions. Good bye, good riddance –

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