Why Don’t You…Make Every Day Enchanting?

Why Dont You Make Every Day Enchanting. Tonya Leigh.THUMB

“The enchanted day is only enchanted if we ourselves believe that anything is possible.” ― Mark O’Brien

Some call it magic, allure, seduction or charm…

I prefer to call it enchantment.

And it runs through the veins of each moment.  From the smile of a stranger to the wind brushing your face, it’s as if the world is begging you to notice its charm.  It’s what we’re all after – to have our breath taken away, to feel passion and to see possibility.

Pure Enchantment.

Yet, most people are “too busy” to see it.

Too caught up in the humdrum of life, to even see the wonder that is happening all around us.

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that it’s up to each individual to be enchanted.  

One must ruthlessly look for it, seek it out and notice the wonder of your life.

And I have found that enchantment comes in many forms.

For years, I lived like most women – on the “busy” train of running here and there, reacting to life instead of creating it.

At the end of the day, I’d lie in my bed asking,

“When will that day come when I can enjoy my life?”

The truth is that I was living a mediocre life, following the masses of people who lived lives of quiet desperation, all while ignoring the enchantment of life.

I was waiting around for something to change on its own.  Just waiting.

Then, I became the curator of my own life.

Luckily, that day came for me when I decided to make the change.  I didn’t want my life to be a series of checked-off to do lists and spreadsheets. (I’m sure that my 90-year old self would yawn at that thought.)

I began to look at the opportunities around me to create moments of absolute awe and ecstasy.

I made a conscious choice to fill each day with a little glamour and charm.

If you desire to create more enchantment in your life, here are some ways that might be helpful to you :

These are things that I added into my life, and I still do today to remain Enchanted on a daily basis…

  • Become fascinated.   This is one of my secret paths to enchantment.  When working with private clients and in my Slim, Chic and Savvy program, I teach women the art of fascination to create the bodies and lives of their dreams.  Here’s how it works:  instead of judging, being frustrated or becoming overwhelmed about a certain situation (which, by the way, only keeps you stuck in what you don’t want), choose to be fascinated about what’s going on.  When you’re enchanted,  you can see more clearly what’s happening and discover solutions to issues that would otherwise keep you stuck.  You become the magician of your own life.
  • Place a vase of fresh flowers in your home. Monet declared, “I must have flowers, always, and always! Flowers are nature’s Chanel, and to bring them into your home adds a layer of beauty and allure.  Simply one look at a beautiful flower can shift your energy.
  • Find the perfect colored lipstick. Adding a pop of color to your lips is like adding a lustrous color to your bedroom wall.  It creates a feeling of seduction and allure. Not only is lipstick fun, it’s a way to express yourself with color, to pay attention to the details of your life and to be enchanting. 
  • Take a walk in the woods. Enchantment need not cost a thing.  It’s right outside your door, and walking through a forest of trees can make a girl feel like Alice in Wonderland.
  •  Burn a decadent scented candle.  When I smell my Japanese Quince candle burning, I feel luxurious.  Taking the time to light a candle is a reverent activity as well as way to add a sensual fragrance to your environment.
  • Look at everything with wonder and awe. I began to practice this years ago, and it really does add a depth of magic to your life, from being curious about why your child is having a meltdown to staring at a glass of wine and wondering what had to happen to get it from a vineyard to your table. Life is a wondrous affair!
  • Dress up.  When I walk down the streets of Paris, it feels like a movie.  The women and men take great pride in their self-presentation.  But, it goes much deeper than that.  When you take the time to put thought into how you’re showing up in the world, you’re choosing enchantment as a way of life.
  • Afternoon Tea. Rituals are part of a beautiful and well-lived life, and afternoon tea is one of  my favorites.  Taking a break in the afternoon to thoughtfully prepare a cup of tea is a way to slow life down and honor your day.  It’s such a simple act.  Yet, one that adds charm to an ordinary day.
  • Star gaze and make a wish. Summer nights, open skies and shining stars are an invitation for us to ponder the wonderment of life.  At least once a week, go outside, stare up at the stars and make a wish.  I’ve been doing this for years, and many of those wishes have come true.
  • Mesmerize with Melodies.  I think one of the greatest tools for creating enchantment in your life is music.  A song may enrapture you and take your mind to beautiful places.  Music can be used to elicit a certain mood or feeling.  How do you want to feel? Allow music to help get you there.  Some of my favorite Pandora stations for creating enchantment in my day are:  Exotica/Lounge, Boa Sorte, Edith Piaf, Gypsy Kings and Hotel Costes.
  • Host a Dream Party.  Too many people like to get together and talk about their problems, but to live an enchanted life requires that you focus on your dreams, desires and possibility.   One of the best ways to do this is to host a dream party where people are asked to leave their problems at the door and for a few hours, only indulge in their dreams and desires.  Not only do you get to learn a lot about people when they open up about what they really want, you also will create a memorable evening for those who rarely dream.

You have the opportunity to create Enchantment in a seemingly ordinary day.

It starts from within – from seeing the beauty and mystery of life – and all that spills into the physical world – from what you surround yourself with to how you communicate with people.

Enchantment is NOT as much about what you do; it’s HOW you go upon doing it. 

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Yes, we all have our day to day lives, filled with and endless stream of activity and items….

…work, housework, homework, carpool, PTO meetings, board meetings, deadlines, agendas, spilled milk, dog poop, sick kids, clients, bills, taxes and all the other real stuff. (…fill in the blank, right?)

I choose enchantment as a way of life.

Am I living in a fantasy-world?

I know that some people think so.

However, I believe that I am just mixing a little sparkle with a sense of wonder to see what I can create.

Now it’s your turn….

How do YOU create enchantment in your day?

Please take a moment to share your thoughts with the community in the comments below.  I can’t wait to read them.

Enchanted and Amazed,


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15 Responses to Why Don’t You…Make Every Day Enchanting?

  1. Wonderful post Tonya! I create enchantment everyday by sitting on my front porch and relaxing with a freshly brewed coffee. It’s my time to dream, breathe deeply and smell the roses:)

  2. Thanks, Tonya, for inspiration!!!! I have read your article several times in the last 20 hours since it arrived and you are so right. It’s not finding the right activity that makes life enchanting, it’s the way you do everything. This is a paradigm changer. I just ordered the quince candle as a birthday gift — that was also handy information. Much respect and admiration, Laura

  3. What a beautiful post Tonya and a great reminder to always be enchanted for life has a great deal to offer. My moments of enchantment are wearing something sexy on dates with girlfriends, experiencing different cultures, drinking hot Kenyan tea, wearing makeup and enjoying sunshine filled days.

  4. J’adore this post and you, Tonya Leigh Williams. The art of enchantment can be practiced anywhere, from the DMV to wandering through a farmer’s market and picking out beautiful strawberries. I will be enchanted in the airports I pass through tomorrow as I wing my way to the Big Apple.

  5. I find enchantment sitting or walking by the Hudson River here where I live in Hoboken. The view of New York City takes my breath away and I love watching the boats sailing in the water, I wonder where they are going and what the passengers on the boats are saying to one another. The view of the city is always enchanting to me the buildings and skyscrapers are like a mosaic of designs, and colors, each from a different era in the city’s life. I wonder about the architects who designed them, who were they and what was their vision for their creation. And yes, I too, am enchanted by wine! The beauty and artistry of how and where it was made is a miracle. And I love fine vintage jewelry…each piece tells a story and I wonder who wore it, how did they feel, what were their lives like? I am happy to say enchantment is a daily practice for me, I am not a girl who is attached to her cellphone, I don’t want to miss on the beauty that’s all around me!

  6. Loved listening to your podcast Tonya! So soothing. How often I have felt different in wanting to treasure and savor life. Now I know I’m not the only one creating my own “fantasy” world in each moment to make it the happiest moment possible. Enchante Tonya!

  7. Enchantment, yes. I feel it renewed this time of year every year. And the stars… they are a story of enchantment in and of themselves. It is exactly what is in my head, right now. Thank you for this, I think it is a sign for me to keep going in this direction. It will at the very least be a mystery explored – and we know the old lady will look back and smile at that. At most, I could actually touch somebody!

    Kisses to you,


  8. Tonya ~ I just LOVE the suggestion of hosting a Dream Party~! I plan on implementing this into my own repertoire of enchantment customs. Thank you!

    • Wonderful article Tonya, thank you! I have been doing this more and more since discovering your French Kiss Life almost a year ago. I have started doing most of the things you suggest – buying flowers regularly, wearing dresses and makeup, wearing perfume, and making my home more and more beautiful every chance I gett. Spoiling myself with long hot showers and beautiful music. My life is immeasurably better because of you, yes it’s true!

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