I have made a secret discovery. Want to hear it?

The things that truly make life worth living … are completely non-essential.

Think about it. Exquisite food … sparkling champagne … the sound of Billie Holiday’s sultry voice … dinner parties that unfold into the wee hours of the night … heart-stirring friendships … perfectly frothed cappuccinos … love, sex & those moonlit moments we dare not mention to mother … none of these things are essential. We can survive without them.

But without these indulgences, what do we have left? A life devoid of memories.

A bare template of existence — without any color, style or pleasure.  Just spreadsheets and checked-off to dos.

So, mon amie  . . .

In a world that compels you to GO BIGGER, HARDER, FASTER,

I have an enticing alternative:

Slow down. Touch pause. Make memories.

Live richly. Tend to the details of your life.

Luxuriate in everything that’s good & right.

Live artfully & well. French Kiss Life!

And when you do, I promise you: The world will not fall apart. Your career will not crumble. Your relationships will not deteriorate.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

As you saunter through your life, luxuriate in your own success & master the Art of Living, you’ll bring new elegance, inspiration & energy to everything you touch.

And the world will respond to your radiance.

You will become an everyday icon —  unforgettable, full of passion and joie de vivre.

As I always say …

“A happy woman is a magnet for her desires.”

tonya leigh paris france collage

When you French Kiss Life, you understand . . .

… that fresh flowers are a necessary luxury.

… that visiting Saks can be a spiritual experience.

… that buying a one-way ticket to Paris is a smashing idea.

… that ‘vanilla’ is a fabulous top-note for your signature fragrance — not a lifestyle.

… that a slice of Stilton paired with a Sauterne is a cosmic culinary experience.

… that it’s better to have 5 minutes of inspired action than 5 hours of ‘hard work’.

… that cultivating the mind through art, books and culture is part of her intrigue.

… that her differences are what makes her so beautiful.

… that the right shade of lipstick can reinvent your whole day.

… that when you French Kiss Life, love chases you.

Furthermore, you  . . .

Place value on experiences, not outcomes. Memories, not metrics. Feelings, not goals.  You devote your attention to the details of your life, such as a fine perfume, decadent chocolate,  a brilliant conversation, and most important, your attitude.

So, are you ready to French Kiss Life?  If so, welcome home, darling.  You are definitely in the right place.

For now, let’s begin you with my favorite quote:

“One regret dear world, that I am determined not to have when I am lying on my deathbed is that I did not kiss you enough.” — Hafiz

Ready for more?

Grab your lipstick and start here.